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21 reasons why your child will benefit from our classes!

  1. Help Schooling – ability to pay attention and ask for help if needed
  2. Focus – finishing tasks and working well
  3. Self Discipline – doing chores/school work without being asked or distracted
  4. Anti Bullying – build self confidence and resilience to be bully proof
  5. Balance – of mind and body
  6. Self-defence skills – the ability to physically defend themselves if there is a need
  7. Self confidence – ability to speak up and ask for help if needed
  8. Co-ordination – easily participate in physical activities
  9. Agility – smoother safer movements in sport and play
  10. Self control – control of emotions and movements
  11. Courtesy – use if manners and giving proper respect to others
  12. Respect – respect for peers and family
  13. Goal setting – working towards and completing task
  14. Fitness – Increased health and well-being for play and study
  15. Strength – more physical ability for life/education
  16. Self-esteem – positive self belief
  17. Resilience – mental strength for all situations
  18. Memory – remembering chores and responsibilities
  19. Teamwork – working with others positively
  20. Listening – listen with body, eyes and ears
  21. Street smarts – identifying where adults belong and planning for unknowns
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