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5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

Everyone procrastinates. If it’s not urgent, we push that chore to the back of our minds until it gathers dust. Often we spend so much time worrying about that one little thing we’re procrastinating that we get distracted from other tasks at hand.

So why do it? The problem is the cycle of procrastination is tough to break. We’ve put together a quick-reference list of 5 ways to end procrastination and get back to being productive.

1. Understand Yourself

Understand how procrastination affects your productivity and think about the habits that cause you to put things off.

Insight into your own procrastination can stop you from feeling inadequate and will help you fight the causes.

2. Change Your Perspective

Figure out what attracted you to your task in the first place. Is it an assignment for a degree you want to complete? A new sport you want to try? Remember the things that interested you in the first place.

When you identify personal goals you engage better with the task at hand.

3. Be Realistic

Set reasonable targets for yourself. You don’t have to make a complete change overnight. Interested in a new sport? Try a single session and see how you like it! Already tried a trial? Commit to one or two sessions a week and build from there.

Manageable targets fight procrastination by preventing self-sabotage and unrealistic expectations.

4. Help Yourself

Do you usually have someone to help kick your procrastination habit? Tell them not to indulge you anymore. If you mess up because you’ve been putting things off, you should deal with the consequences alone.

By teaching yourself self-sufficiency and independence, you’re decreasing your likelihood of procrastinating in the future.

5. Reward Progress

Come up with a reward system to celebrate completion of tasks.

When you positively reinforce effort and progress, you’re teaching yourself that achieving your goals, rather than procrastinating, ends in a positive outcome.