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7 tips to stay trim on holidays

Who doesn’t love going on vacation? Getting away from work and spending more time with family and friends is such a wonderful mind rejuvenator. But if you’re one of those people who find that going on a holiday doesn’t do much good to your waistline, then you’ve got plenty of company. Although, experts do agree that going on holidays may increase your weight, there are many little tricks you can adopt to ensure that your body stays just the same.
1) A holiday resort or hotel means there’s plenty of great food available at your fingertips. But be cautious. Just like you would say no to a 1000 calorie cheeseburger or stick to a green salad minus the cream dressing, be sensible about your food choices. Sample the local cuisine and enjoy smaller portions. Don’t overload your tummy with more food than it can actually handle.
2) Most people go overboard with alcohol and desserts when they’re on holiday. Indulge by all means but remember that anything you eat comes with an unwanted companion- calories. The more you consume, the harder you’ll have to work out to burn everything off!
3) Begin your day with a wholesome and nutritious breakfast. It will give you the start that you need and help you make wiser food choices throughout the day.
4) Worried that you may start craving for a few snacks with all that physical activity? Pack some nuts, muesli bars, dried fruit, whole-wheat crackers and cereal before you leave home.
5) Get as much exercise as you can. The best way to see more of a new place is by walking or cycling. Many tourist destinations offer guided walking tours which lets you meet other tourists as well. Check if your hotel offers cycles which can be rented by the hour. It’s a great way to burn more calories and spend some quality time with the family.
6) Try to stick to your routine. When you’re at home, you attend your martial arts training classes religiously 3 times a week in the evenings. If your body is used to a particular fitness regime, there’s no reason why you can’t continue with it even when you’re on holiday. You can still practise all those great martial arts moves in the privacy of your room and stay fit as well. Alternatively, enjoy a good warm up session at the hotel gym too.
7) Don’t leave out the fun elements. For instance, if your hotel or resort is by the beach, don’t forget to pack an inflatable ball and Frisbees. You won’t realise how many calories you’re burning with all the fun you’ll have.
8) If you’re having a more sedentary holidays remember, less exercise than usual means you’ll require fewer calories too, ie if you’re exercising less, eat a little less, so that you keep things in balance.
9) If you’re full, stop eating!

Have a great holiday!