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A power walk to burn fat

A power walk to burn fat

If you enjoy going out for walks every now and then, isn’t it time you took your hobby to the next level? If you’re battling steady weight gain and you’ve had it with trying just about everything under the sun, it’s not time to give up until you’ve tried out the benefits of power walking for yourself. What is power walking? It involves walking at a fast pace while swinging your arms, staying focused on your breathing patterns and maintaining a good posture. Power walking on a regular basis has been proven to be as efficient in burning fat as a regular jog, which is especially good news for people who suffer from joint problems. It’s no surprise then that power walking is often defined as being somewhere in between regular walking and jogging!

So how should you incorporate power walking in your lifestyle? The best way to begin is by starting out slowly, as with any other form of exercise. Kick-start your day by power walking for a minimum of 20- 30 minutes each day and increase it gradually every week. You’ll find that as the intensity of your power walk intensifies, you will burn fat accordingly and get fitter too. It’s important to pay attention to the posture that you adopt while you’re on your power walk. Slouchy shoulders and walking with your head down will only negatively impact your body posture and could even give you aches like a back pain or a neck pain. The right posture to adopt is to stand up straight without leaning forward or leaning backwards and to pull in your abdominal muscles while walking. This way, you can literally feel various parts of your body like your upper body, quads and glutes getting a good workout with every step you take. Keep your eyes on the road and your head straight at all times so that you are aware of the direction you are walking in.

It’s a good idea to carry a bottle of water with you so that you stay hydrated when you’re on the move. Invest in a pair of good quality walking shoes which are comfortable and which allow you to walk at a fast pace without pinching your feet. Now, all you need is some fast paced music to keep you company and you’re ready to burn off plenty of unwanted fat – self defence tip – make sure that the music doesn’t take away from your awareness of your surroundings, eg use one ear bud only or keep the volume in check.  Walking with a buddy is great for both motivation and self-defence too!

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