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Acai Berries- Nature’s little wonder food

We all know that berries are great for your health and make a highly nutritious treat which can be enjoyed anytime of the day. So why the hype about acai berries and why are they being spoken about as the ‘best little superfood’ to be discovered?

This little purple-black coloured fruit grows in plenty in the Amazon rainforests where they can be spotted growing in huge bunches. In fact, this fruit was consumed by the natives for centuries where it featured as a key ingredient while preparing different dishes. Although this fruit is best eaten in its natural form, it has been found that its immense nutritional properties are not lost even if the pulp is frozen and consumed at a later date. Anthocyanins, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, protein and fibre are a few of the compounds that can be found in acai berries which help to lower cholesterol, protect the heart and also which enable better digestion.

Besides containing a richer concentration of antioxidants than grapes and even blueberries, acai berries also contain naturally occurring anti-aging properties. They are known to increase one’s energy and vitality, prolong one’s life span, help in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, improve digestion and they even act as a natural reliever of headaches. People who are trying to lose weight are advised to have a handful of acai berries each day as they help to speed up metabolism, increase resistance to diseases, help the body recover faster after injuries and even improve muscles and bones. These berries have also been proven to strengthen the heart, fight inflammation, improve memory and even minimise the symptoms of menopause thus making it an ideal health food for seniors. By including acai berries in your daily diet, you’ll not only be enhancing your mental health and improve the quality of your sleep but you will also detoxify your body naturally from within. Studies today are being conducted into learning how these berries can help us battle cancer successfully.

Although there are many brands of acai berry supplements and juices available, it’s best to reap the benefits by consuming the fruit in its natural form. Within just a few days, you’re guaranteed to feel the difference.