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Benefits of Learning Taekwondo

Learning a martial art is an immensely rewarding experience which lasts a lifetime. Although there are many martial art forms that are taught all over the world today, Taekwondo is the most popular with a history that dates back to 50 BC. Taekwondo can be learnt by students from any age-group and has so many benefits to offer:

–       It helps to increase one’s self-esteem and confidence. Learning a martial art can go a long way in giving children confidence to face any unpleasant situation at school like bullying.

–       It helps to build and maintain one’s physical strength, makes the body more flexible, leaner and stronger, increases overall agility and also helps to maintain one’s weight. In fact, Taekwondo gives your body an amazingly thorough workout.

–       Learning Taekwondo helps you to become mentally tougher, increases your concentration abilities and disciplines the mind. It also helps you control your emotions better.

–       Studies show that learning Taekwondo also helps youngsters deal with stress and pressure in a constructive manner. It helps them become more independent and optimistic which in turn enables them to perform better academically as well.

–       It helps you become more disciplined in everyday life and lets you handle challenges better.

–       Most importantly, learning Taekwondo helps you defend yourself anywhere should the need arise. Self-defence is not merely about using counter attack tactics or physical moves to protect yourself. It is also about the ability to prevent any injury from occurring to you or to others, knowing how to deal with the situation on the whole and more importantly how to avoid becoming a victim of violence.

Taekwondo also places importance on developing a sense of balance between the physical and moral self as well as doing one’s duty towards the family and community. Taekwondo aims to change your whole life for the better and enables you to make wiser decisions with regard to health and nutrition. The key to growing as a student of Taekwondo is to train at a pace and level that is appropriate for your age and martial arts experience. At BTC, our dedicated trainers look forward to making every session fun and interesting for you. You too can enjoy the many benefits of Taekwondo today, no matter how young or old you are.