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When does working out go overboard?

Gone are the days when pumping iron or running on the treadmill at the gym was considered the best way to keep fit. Today, experts agree that any activity which employs the body as a whole, gets your heart pumping faster and leaves you feeling


Sports supplements and the body

It’s hard not to admire the 6 pack of a model while flipping through a magazine and it’s even harder to ignore a sports supplement brand advertisement. After all, everybody wants a great looking body with minimum effort and if a certain


How to boost your metabolism

If there is one word that is often thrown around when talking about weight-loss or getting fitter, it is ‘Metabolism’. But what is metabolism and why should you think about boosting it up in order to feel fitter? Metabolism simply refers to


A power walk to burn fat

A power walk to burn fat If you enjoy going out for walks every now and then, isn’t it time you took your hobby to the next level? If you’re battling steady weight gain and you’ve had it with trying just about everything under the sun,


How to increase your stamina

Do you feel sluggish almost every day?  Does it feel like you have to use every last ounce of energy to complete an activity?  If this sounds familiar, then you’re really low on stamina. Increasing your stamina isn’t just about getting


Why an early morning jog is great for you

How do you like to spend your time, just after waking up in the morning and before you really begin your day? Most of us prefer to make ourselves a cup of aromatic coffee, read the newspaper or check e-mails and mentally prepare ourselves for


Why should women work out?

Women juggle a number of roles in everyday life which can no doubt be really demanding. Add to that, the constant pressure to look good and to stay fit whether it is at the workplace or at a party because no woman wants to be told that she has


Few tips on how to enjoy your workout even more!

If you have decided that you will spare some time everyday for a workout at, you’ve already taken the first important step on a journey of discovering fitness and health. But be warned! At the beginning, you will find that your enthusiasm is


Get fit at the workplace- Here’s How!

Does your hectic schedule leave you with no time to exercise during the week, or not as much as you’d like to? Here’s the good news then. It doesn’t really matter if you can’t work out with your friends on weekdays because there are

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