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BTC Info Centre - Taekwondo - Stances

Attention Stance

Attention stance is used prior to bowing and the commencement of some black belt patterns such as Geumgang or Pyonwon. 


Ready Stance

Ready stance also known as parallel stance is used as in the “ready” position before and after patterns, at the start and end of classes or as a preparation to do basics.


Tiger Stance

Tiger stance is a traditional Taekwondo stance which first appears in Taegeuk Seven. 


Horse Stance

Horse stance is one of the basic stances all beginners learn, and is also found in Taegeuk Seven, Koryo and Geumgang.


Walking Stance

Walking stance otherwise known as short stance is the predominant stance in the first three Taegeuk patterns. 


Front Stance

  Front stance:  Front stance, also known as forward or long stance is a dominate stance in many patterns and is also one of the first stances most new students will learn. 


Back Stance

  Back stance:  Back stance is found in many patterns starting with Taegeuk Three (Sam Jang). 

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