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Mind and Body

By all physical appearances Taekwondo is a beautiful and impressive martial art.  The exciting sparring with its’ lightning fast kicking combinations and the empty hand forms called poomse are famous.  To develop these physical skills


Hwarangdo and their Code of Conduct

The roots of the Taekwondo philosophy began during the Silla era when King Jin Heung formed the Hwarang organization and introduced the five codes of human conduct.  The ideology, which formed the foundation of Korean society, was a combination


Taekwondo Kunja

  A long time ago, Bang Mong learned archery from a master named Huyea. The student then thought “What man in all the world is a better archer than I? Only one.” And so, he killed his teacher. About this story, Mang Ja (a follower


Taekwondo Philosophy

Taekwondo can be viewed as an answer to the demands of everyday life while at the same time providing us with a guide for our behaviour towards ourselves and others.  The art is a system of movements and positions that in a systematic and