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Can learning a martial art improve leadership skills?

What do you wish to gain from attending a martial arts session? All of us are aware of the number of physical benefits that attending a martial arts class can give us, such as enabling us to burn calories faster, improve flexibility, increase our stamina and so on. Besides all these tangible factors, learning a martial art also brings about a radical change in the way you think and feel about yourself. That’s because unlike most other sports which place utmost importance only on one’s physical strength, taekwondo emphasises on both the body and the mind. To become a true student of taekwondo also means opening up your mind like never before. Many studies are being conducted into understanding how learning a martial art can benefit the mind. It’s heartening to know that there is substantial proof which shows the link between studying a martial art and the positive psychological changes that follow.

How can learning taekwondo help you at the workplace? Studies show that the degree of certain traits such as aggression and anxiety is actually related to the amount of time that a person has been practising martial arts for. On the other hand, other traits such as self-reliance and self-confidence were shown to increase as the period of training was also simultaneously increased. Needless to say, the ability to believe in oneself not only helps in effective defence but also allows a person to stay calm in the toughest of situations. Staying calm helps one analyse the situation clearly and thus make better decisions too. When you’re a manager who has to make crucial decisions within minutes, staying cool and calm is a trait that separates the real leaders from the rest of the pack.

Besides, you’ll also learn how to get along with other members of the team better and be a more effective team player as well, thanks to your training. Many students also feel that learning a martial art helps them become more disciplined and better organised, which begins to show in their personal and work life as well. You’ll find that your stress levels are low, which in turn will help you perform at your optimum and more importantly help you stay happy too. So, yes, learning a martial art like taekwondo can benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.