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Few tips on how to enjoy your workout even more!

If you have decided that you will spare some time everyday for a workout at, you’ve already taken the first important step on a journey of discovering fitness and health. But be warned! At the beginning, you will find that your enthusiasm is at an all time high and that translates into a fantastic workout. But over the next few months, you may also find that sticking to it gets harder and you have to drag yourself to the gym when watching a movie at home appears to be the more attractive alternative. Will you ever be able to pick yourself up and achieve your fitness goals? Of course you can. Here are a few tips that are guaranteed to help you stay focused on getting fit throughout the year-

a)    It’s no surprise that people who work out with a partner or in a group stick to their fitness goals successfully and lose more weight too. Get your friend or partner to join you and you’ll never be low on motivation again.

b)     Setting the right goals for yourself will give you the needed encouragement to push the limits a little bit more each time you workout. Take time to think about what goals you can achieve within a set timeframe and make sure that it challenges you the right way.

c)    Sticking with the same workout regime can be boring after a few months and you may find that you aren’t exactly getting the results that you hoped for. Why not mix up your routine a bit and try a combination of workouts? For instance, you could attend class twice a week, and go for a bush walk on the weekend, or on a couple of walks or runs before or after work.  You’ll not only give your body a challenge but you’ll also enjoy the workouts more.

d)    Bet on it!  Get some healthy competition going with a few friends or colleagues by getting everyone to pitch in towards a prize like a weekend away or a shopping voucher.  The extra competition to help drive you to success. 

e)    Read fitness related books and articles about people who have achieved their fitness goals. Besides learning a thing or two, you’ll be motivated to keep working out at your own pace. After all, if they can get there, why can’t you?

f)     Don’t forget to eat healthy as well. If you continue to eat junk food everyday in the hope that working out will solve any weight issues for you, then you’re wrong. Eating nutritious food in small quantities and at the correct time is very important for your health and will give you the energy you need for a good workout.

g)    Reward yourself for all the effort you put in to get fitter. Have a meal at your favourite restaurant on the weekend or buy something that you really want. Rewarding yourself from time to time will motivate you to keep going till you strike off another goal from your list.