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General Grading Information

Here at BTC we hold grading days for everyone at the end of every school term.  The dates are available at least 12 months in advance via the club calendar.  These are extremely important days in the development and encouragement of our members – both junior and senior.  It takes weeks of planning behind the scenes to make them run smoothly and on time.  Where possible we will try to accommodate people’s lifestyles but it is obviously impossible to do it for everyone.  Please plan to be available on the weekends they are on.

Gradings are a method of providing students with feedback in regard to their progress, something akin to a report card.  Many things are tested during a grading such as basics, patterns, one-step sparring, sparring, self-defence, manner and so forth.  Individual marks are recorded for each of the aforementioned areas; these are: more practice, pass, commendation, honours, and double grade (very rare).   Gradings are generally held on a quarterly basis.  Most students, with regular training should be able to grade every three months, although younger students, and those very senior in rank may take longer between gradings.

Many students get very nervous when it comes to gradings, especially their first one.  Gradings are quite similar to class, with a few more formalities.  You will not be asked to do anything that you are not capable of, although sometimes a surprise or two is thrown in for good measure!

Good luck grading!