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How do I know if I’m ready to grade?

Many people ask me if they’re ready to grade.  Yes!!!  If you’ve been attending class regularly you should definitely be ready to grade.  At the end of each term, gradings are conducted to promote students to their next level.  One of the benefits of grading is that each new belt gives you a real sense of achievement, as well as a goal to aim for in training.  Taekwondo has six belts, white, which you start at, progressing to yellow, blue, red, provisional black (red/black) and black belt.  Each of the coloured belts (ie not white) has three levels (kids have green stripes / adults white), for example from white belt you go to yellow I, then yellow II, yellow III, blue I, blue II etc.  Black belt levels (called Dan’s – there are nine) take many years to earn, for example to grade from 1st Dan (beginner level black belt) to 4th Dan (master level) takes the average student up to ten years.  In addition to this there is the junior system for four to six year olds which includes white, purple, green, orange, and yellow belts.