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How does Green Tea Benefit you?

While flipping through your favourite magazine, you may have come across at least one advertisement talking about the benefits of green tea and why it’s a must have partner for successful weight loss. How beneficial is green tea really and can it help you get one step closer towards attaining your dream figure?

We may still be studying the benefits of green tea, but the Chinese were well aware of its importance and used it to prevent and treat a variety of ailments from depression and heart problems to even cancer. Tea as we know it comes from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, but the only difference between Black, Green and Oolong teas is in the way they are processed. Black and Oolong teas are made from fermented leaves where the EGCG (which is a powerful antioxidant) is converted into other compounds, thus reducing its effectiveness in fighting diseases. On the other hand, because green tea leaves are steamed; the EGCG compound remains the same with its different health boosting properties intact. So thanks to its rich concentration of polyphenol antioxidants, green tea offers the highest fat burning benefits. It is estimated that while an average person’s calorie burning rate is usually between 8-10%, for green tea drinkers that percentage can even reach 14%!

And there’s more. The huge dose of naturally occurring antioxidants help slow down the body’s ageing process and also prevent free radicals from damaging the internal system.  From a medical point of view, green tea is believed to be a successful aid in preventing and treating cancer, treating multiple sclerosis, reducing a person’s risk of heart disease and heart attacks, reducing the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and even in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. It can even help boost one’s immunity and has been proven to help ward off tooth decay as well. You could also treat your skin to an effective anti aging treatment by mixing a handful of used tea leaves with water to make a paste. Simply apply on your face to get a youthful glow that lasts for days!

So how many cups should you drink to give your body the best benefits? Experts say that a minimum of 3 cups a day, preferably after each meal is ideal because green tea also helps increase the level of good bacteria in the gut.  Or you could treat yourself to a hot cuppa right after an invigorating workout to feel more relaxed. With so many benefits to offer, green tea may well be the super drink of our times.