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How to boost your metabolism

If there is one word that is often thrown around when talking about weight-loss or getting fitter, it is ‘Metabolism’. But what is metabolism and why should you think about boosting it up in order to feel fitter? Metabolism simply refers to the calories that your body burns on a continuous basis in order to keep functioning. Simply put, your body is actually burning calories 24 hours a day, yes, even when you are fast asleep. Metabolism differs from one person to the other and depends on your muscle to fat ratio. The more muscle you have in your body, the higher your rate of metabolism will be. A faster metabolism= more calories burned=shedding those kilos. So what are the sure-fire ways in which you can boost your metabolism?

1) Besides helping you burn those excess reserves of fat, your taekwondo, bjj, or pilates classes will help you build lean muscle and feel much fitter too.

2) There’s no point in working out when you feed your body junk for fuel, so make an active effort to eat healthy and fresh every day. Give your body a mix of wholesome carbs, proteins, fats and other nutrients so that your body can work smoothly.

3) You’ve heard it being said before- breaking down your food portions and distributing them evenly throughout the day helps your body burn food much more efficiently. So instead of sticking to 3 full meals, why not consume 3 meals and 2 snacks in its place? You won’t feel those sudden hunger urges, you will be able to concentrate better and your blood sugar levels will stay steady as well.

4) Nothing like a shot of caffeine when you’re feeling low but how about switching to a cuppa that gives your body so much goodness as well? Green tea is the hot new favourite and rightly so too. Among its many benefits, it has been proven to help in melting away fat, boosting metabolism and even preventing cancer. Keep a few sachets tucked away in your office drawer and make yourself a cup whenever you need a mental and physical boost.

5) We know it’s great for us and our bodies can’t do without it, but how many of us remember to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day? Water doesn’t just help boost up metabolism; it also helps remove toxins effectively, takes care of that bloating feeling in your tummy and of course, is an instant refresher too! So don’t wait till you feel thirsty to drink up.

It is true that your body’s metabolism slows down as you age, but by taking the right care, you can ensure that your body always stays healthy from within.