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How to control your hunger cravings

You never know when it will strike but when it does, it’s likely that you will reach out for the first edible thing near you. Why do we suffer from hunger cravings and what can we do to control them? Hunger cravings aren’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s just your mind’s way of telling you that your body is in need of a nutrient or two and that it’s time for replenishment. But the reason why most of us blame our cravings for food as the reason for weight gain is because most of the times, we are unable to understand what our body is trying to tell us. For instance, you may have a big craving for ice-cream, but does it mean that your body is telling you to buy a tub and indulge? It could be trying to tell you that your calcium reserves are getting depleted or even that your blood sugar levels are low. Most of us fail to read the real message behind a hunger craving and that’s why we assume we have done the right thing by consuming fatty or sugar rich food whenever hunger strikes. But don’t be fooled. The feeling of instant happiness will fade away soon but the fat in your hips won’t.

So what can you do to control hunger cravings? It may sound surprising, but there are plenty of hunger suppressants which are part of our everyday.

– Water is a great hunger suppressant. It helps to regulate body temperature, flushes out toxins, helps the body to function normally, aids in digestion and is important for one’s well-being. The next time you feel a hunger craving, just drink plenty of water and you’ll feel full in no time. Plus, it doesn’t contain any calories, so drink up to stay hydrated all day.

– Green and leafy vegetables contain plenty of nutrients and fibre which help to keep you full for longer periods of time. They’re low on calories as well ( as long as you don’t dunk them in dressing or oil) making them a must have in your daily diet. The roughage content helps to ensure that your digestive system stays healthy.

– Milk and milk products such as low fat cheese or cottage cheese also keep hunger cravings at bay. Have a glass of soya milk everyday to give your body many essential nutrients, protein and other health benefits. With so many flavoured varieties available, it’s without doubt a healthier drink to enjoy.

– Stock up on fruits like apples and bananas which fill you up in no time. Apples in particular contain large amounts of fibre, vitamins and minerals which are known to be great hunger suppressants.

– A handful of nuts can ward off any hunger cravings within minutes. Enjoy them just as they are to give your body a host of nutrients and to keep your heart happy. Walnuts, brazil nuts, chestnuts and almonds give you the best benefits.

So take control of your diet and say goodbye to hunger cravings.