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How to de-stress your everyday

How does one define stress? To put it simply, it is just the body’s reaction to a sudden change where it is required to adapt to the new circumstance physically, mentally or emotionally.  Contrary to belief, the human body is very much built to withstand stress. Why is it deemed to be the number one killer then? Stress which can be positive for us in many ways can also become dangerous when a person does not get the required release or rest that the body needs in order to recover from a challenge. This leads to a negative condition called distress which features different symptoms such as an upset digestive system, frequent headaches, asthma, skin conditions, depression, insomnia, chest pains and eventually other diseases.

The right way to challenge yourself is by completely switching off for atleast an hour everyday and doing what makes you happy. De-stressing on a daily basis does not have to be expensive at all; in fact it could be something as simple as taking the dog out for a walk. Here are a few examples-

–       Make time to read your favourite author or a magazine.

–       Put on some soothing music, close your eyes and relax. Now’s the time to switch off your mobile phone too.

–       Go for a walk with a friend or by yourself. It will refresh you in no time.

–       Make time for a hobby- it could be learning a new skill, joining a taekwondo class or just gardening.

–       It may sound odd but many people find cooking to be a natural stress busting activity. Try a new recipe that you found or bake a cake. You’ll feel proud when you see the delicious result!

–       Make the time to catch up with friends. No matter how busy you are, you’ll find that meeting up with pals for a meal or for a movie, will make you feel good about yourself in no time.

–       Have a good workout. Working out gives your body so many benefits and it’s a good way to channel your energy too.

–       Pamper yourself. Go for a massage at the spa, play golf with friends, go shopping- basically anything that helps you unwind.


Another key factor in stress management is making sure that your body has a regular physical release.  In primitive times stress often initiated the fight/flight response, which is helpful when a Lion is trying to have you as a snack!  The act of the fight/flight, to put it simply, ‘used up’ all the hormones released by your body as part of the stress response.  In modern times the causes of stress are different, but the way our body reacts chemically is the same, which leads to the next problem, there’s no release because a fight/flight doesn’t take place.  Exercising is a simple way for your body to release this, and of course has many side benefits including more energy, improved sleep, and living longer.

So, the next time you want to do something for yourself, don’t feel guilty about it. It will give you more benefits that you ever imagined.