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How to party without piling on the kilos

Who doesn’t love a good party? Getting together with friends on a weekend or just to celebrate a special occasion promises plenty of fun. While enjoying good company is a proven stress buster and even helps to enhance the production of feel good hormones, your tummy may have a completely different story to tell. Why do people eat and drink more than they normally do, when they’re socialising? Could it be because they aren’t aware that they are indulging in their 5th appetizer or because binging once a week doesn’t matter? Whatever be the reason, if you find yourself eating more than you can handle at a party just because everybody else around is doing the same, then it’s time to practise more self-restraint. You may never miss a single martial arts training session, but eating right at a party can help keep extra weight off and will be kind to your digestive system too.
– Ensure you eat your meals on time even if you have a late night party to attend. Don’t skip a meal thinking that you will make up for it later, because you are certain to overeat at the party instead.

– Have a small snack just before leaving for the party. It could be a sandwich, a fruit or even low fat yoghurt. You’ll find yourself making better choices with regard to food at a party when you aren’t starving or craving nutrients. There’s a reason why we cram our plates when we’re hungry- it’s your mind’s way of telling your body to eat more, just in case you decide to skip a meal again.

– Have a large class of water before you head off, at regular intervals during the party, and when you get home.  Your brain often confuses thirst with hunger, and being well hydrated will help your body to deal with the alcohol.

– Go easy on the alcohol. Don’t forget that alcohol contains plenty of calories and if you are serious about staying fit, then sticking to a maximum of 2 drinks will do your health a lot of good. Sip your drink slowly so that you enjoy it longer. Plus, the host won’t feel bad about seeing you with an empty glass either.

– Would you rather taste all the dishes or just try two? Remember that portion control is the key and avoid overloading your plate. Eat slowly and try to savour the different flavours in each bite.

– Oily, fried, creamy and sweet food stuff appeal to our tastebuds the most. But they aren’t always the healthiest choices for our body. Limit your intake of junk food epsecially when you have a drink in your hand and instead opt for more satisfying choices.

It’s not surprising that most people find themselves gaining a kilo or two especially during festive seasons like Easter. Piling on the weight is easier than losing it, but by making sensible choices, you’ll find that a party doesn’t necessarily leave you feeling like a stuffed turkey or with a nasty hangover. Happy partying!