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Hwarangdo and their Code of Conduct

The roots of the Taekwondo philosophy began during the Silla era when King Jin Heung formed the Hwarang organization and introduced the five codes of human conduct.  The ideology, which formed the foundation of Korean society, was a combination of the traditional way of life of the tribal communities along with the influence of Buddhism and Confucianism.  Buddhist monks often instructed the Hwarang.  Won’ gwang Popsa, a monk, wrote the five codes of honor on which the Hwarang based its’ philosophy.  These five codes consisted of loyalty to the nation, respect, and obedience to parents, faithfulness to one’s friends, courage in battle, and avoidance of unnecessary violence and killing.  As time went by, more tenets were added to the five codes and eventually the ten commandments of Taekwondo were formed.

I will leave you with something to think about.  It is the Ten Commandments of Taekwondo.  As you read it think about how each one applies to you.

Ten Commandments of Taekwondo

  1. Be loyal to your country.
  2. Be a good son or daughter to your parents.
  3. Be faithful to your spouse.
  4. Be on good terms with your brothers and sisters.
  5. Be loyal to your friends.
  6. Be respectful to your elders.
  7. Respect and trust your teachers.
  8. Always think before killing any living thing.
  9. Never retreat in battle.
  10. Always finish what you started.

By Tim Barrett