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Losing your post pregnancy weight

So you’re feeling very happy at the sight of your little bundle of joy, but you’re really sad that you can’t fit into your favourite dress just yet. There’s no reason to worry because although losing your post pregnancy weight will take plenty of patience on your part and a few dedicated months, you can get back to your original figure. But remember! No two bodies are alike and how quickly you lose the excess weight depends largely on how much you put on while you were pregnant. Most women will find that it takes a minimum of 6 months to lose the extra weight, but remember it again differs from person to person.

Many women make the mistake of thinking that dieting and working out in a mad frenzy immediately after delivery is the best way to shed off the excess kilos. But remember, you need to be slow and gentle with your body because besides coping with the stress of looking after a baby, it’s also trying to get you through the sleepless nights. So remember that the key is to pay attention to yourself during this period so that you stay healthy.

– Avoid dieting immediately after you’re back from the hospital. But at the same time, avoid pigging out on junk food and other unhealthy food products. Your body needs as much nutrition as possible, so stick to veggies, lean meat, dairy products and other healthy snacks.

– If possible, eat 5-6 small meals a day. This will be very beneficial for mothers who are feeding their babies and will also help to ensure that energy levels stay high all day.

– Begin your workouts slowly. Avoid getting over enthusiastic and taking up any vigorous routine, it is best to start out slowly so that you can increase the intensity of your workout at a later stage.

Once you’re back on your feet, you could also join one of our Pilates or Taekwondo classes to help you get fitter faster. All our classes are structured in such a manner so that you learn how to use a wide range of muscles, how to build better muscle mass and of course how to defend yourself too. In fact, you’ll find that by learning all those punches, kicks and moves, you’ll even be shedding off excess weight and gain a leaner figure. Not to mention increased overall flexibility as well, which helps you keep up with your little one at home! So, don’t fret about a little bit of post pregnancy weight when you can have so much of fun losing it as well!