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Red II – Terminology & Theory Questions & Answers

Red II – Terminology & Theory Questions & Answers



Q:  What is the difference between a colour belt and black belt?

A:  Colour belts and black belts know many of the same techniques, yet most people would agree that they are significantly different.  On the physical side, black belts should not only have excellent technique, but an understanding of when and how to strategically apply them.  Sparring for example becomes a game of chess as opposed to random kicks and punches.   Mentally, a black belt should also realise the most important aspects of Taekwondo are not the kicking and punching, but the mental qualities such as those below:

Integrity A Black Belt does not lie, cheat, or steal. When you have integrity you can look people in the eye with confidence and know that what you’ve said is believed and trusted.
Loyalty The very word is life itself, for without loyalty we have no love of person or country.
Courtesy Allow each person their dignity. Show the courtesy that you hope to receive from others by showing it in your everyday life. It goes beyond the training hall door.
Self-Control Self-control means never having to say you’re sorry. By learning to control your words and actions people are less likely to be hurt by them.
Kindness This can stop wars and erase hate. But like a bike, it’s no good if you don’t get out and use it…. and it’s free.
Obedience This begins at home. Practice it with your family. Then enlarge it with your friends. Share it with humanity.
Cleanliness Soap and water works for the outside of the body. You have to work on the inside with a different type of cleaner.
Perseverance A Black Belt never quits. Once started it is better to finish. Sometimes people start projects and do not realise the difficulties that lie ahead. A Black Belt will look at these, not as difficulties, but as challenges to be overcome.
Courage Courage is shown by striving on despite the odds. It does not require fighting with your hands and feet, but with your mind.  Without fear, there is no courage.
Reverence Life is precious. A Black Belt remembers this and strives to refrain from harming others, even when they do wrong.


A Black Belt strives to encompass these qualities in their daily life.




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