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Taekwondo for Adults in Brisbane

Taekwondo is a fantastic way for adults to get fit, while having fun, and learning something that may one day save your life. Most adults at some point have ‘done the gym’, and have soon become bored by treadmills, or aerobics classes that are all pretty much the same. One of the really cool things about learning martial arts, is that it engages your mind and body. The workout often sneaks up on you, because you’re having fun, and learning something interesting. It’s an intelligent exercise that combines high and low intensity, stretching and flexibility, getting social with class mates, and learning an art and skill. Every class is a little different too, which keeps you motivated and your body working.

What makes this all possible, are great instructors and BTC’s state of the art facility. We are very fortunate to have 9th Dan Black Belt Grandmaster Chris lead our Taekwondo Instructor Team, who despite being a 9th Dan is known for his friendly and personable nature. Teaching an average of 20 classes per week each, the instructors are highly experienced professionals, who have a depth of knowledge in a variety of martial arts including karate, kung fu, judo, jujitsu, kick boxing, and hapkido, so each class you get the best of many martial arts, which not only keeps things interesting, but gives you a well rounded skill and workout.

Brisbane Taekwondo Centre is proud to be Queensland’s largest martial arts, health, and wellbeing centre with four fully matted and air conditioned studio’s, twenty punching bags, as well as enough equipment for everyone in the class – more equipment means more time for practice so you get better faster and fitter quicker. We even have a member’s gym!

BTC’s classes are also split by age and experience, so you can to train with other people your own level, whether you’re just getting started, or are an experienced practitioner. You don’t have to be fit or flexible to start, from Mum’s to mechanics, lawyers to landscapers anyone can enjoy BTC’s classes.

Plus, hitting stuff is fun and a great stress release! Try a class today – Phone 3107 1929.

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