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How to boost your heart health

How to boost your heart health

Heart disease or illness is a term that we usually associate with aged men and women. However, recent studies show that thanks to an increase in a sedentary lifestyle all over the globe, lack of regular exercise, high junk food consumption and

Psychological benefits of martial arts training

You’ve heard it said before that exercise does wonders for the health and mind as well. Besides giving your heart a good workout, working out regularly keeps energy levels at a high and keeps you young from within. Although the many benefits

Detoxifying your body

Day in and out, your body works round the clock to process and digest whatever you eat. But just like you could do with a break every few months from piles of work and stress, your body could do with one week of detoxifying at least two times a

Benefits of Learning Taekwondo

Learning a martial art is an immensely rewarding experience which lasts a lifetime. Although there are many martial art forms that are taught all over the world today, Taekwondo is the most popular with a history that dates back to 50 BC.

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