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How does martial arts enhance one’s leadership skills?

How does martial arts enhance one’s leadership skills?

Martial arts classes can teach you how to concentrate better at school or at work and can help you keep your stress levels low. But does practicing martial arts regularly actually help you hone your leadership skills? At BTC, our martial arts

Psychological benefits of martial arts training

You’ve heard it said before that exercise does wonders for the health and mind as well. Besides giving your heart a good workout, working out regularly keeps energy levels at a high and keeps you young from within. Although the many benefits

Benefits of Learning Taekwondo

Learning a martial art is an immensely rewarding experience which lasts a lifetime. Although there are many martial art forms that are taught all over the world today, Taekwondo is the most popular with a history that dates back to 50 BC.

Wellness and why it matters

‘Wellness’ is a term that we hear quite often which has more than one meaning. For some people, wellness refers to being physically fit, for some others it may mean inner peace whereas for others wellness is a term that is linked to

How to unwind after a long day

How do you prefer to spend your day after getting home? If you’re a workaholic who can make a PowerPoint presentation in less than 5 minutes but who has no clue about how to relax, then you’re in for some disturbing news. Statistics show

How does martial arts change the behaviour of a bully

Many articles have been written about how martial arts can help a bully victim become more confident and overcome fear.  Many anti-bullying drives and martial arts classes with an emphasis on standing up to bullies are suddenly becoming

Eating right for your martial arts training classes

Proper nutrition enables your body to function more effectively, helps to ward off diseases and ailments as well as keeps your energy levels high throughout the day. So if you really want to get the best out of your martial arts classes,

Top cancer fighting foods

Did you know that the food you eat can actually help your body ward off diseases? Think of it this way- just as your martial arts classes arm you with the necessary skills to defend yourself, the right food can help strengthen your body’s

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