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How to boost your heart health

How to boost your heart health

Heart disease or illness is a term that we usually associate with aged men and women. However, recent studies show that thanks to an increase in a sedentary lifestyle all over the globe, lack of regular exercise, high junk food consumption and

Alzheimer’s and your diet: what’s the connection

The world of medicine has known for centuries that many diseases and ailments can be avoided or aided simply by altering one’s diet. The food that you consume is not simply meant to keep you satiated; the vitamins and other goodness present in

Detoxifying your body

Day in and out, your body works round the clock to process and digest whatever you eat. But just like you could do with a break every few months from piles of work and stress, your body could do with one week of detoxifying at least two times a

Good Carbohydrates vs Bad Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates play a prominent role in dietary habits all over the world and yet this is one food-group that has received quite a bit of spotlight especially in recent years. The questions that are often asked are many: – Can the human

Wellness and why it matters

‘Wellness’ is a term that we hear quite often which has more than one meaning. For some people, wellness refers to being physically fit, for some others it may mean inner peace whereas for others wellness is a term that is linked to

Eating right for your martial arts training classes

Proper nutrition enables your body to function more effectively, helps to ward off diseases and ailments as well as keeps your energy levels high throughout the day. So if you really want to get the best out of your martial arts classes,

Top cancer fighting foods

Did you know that the food you eat can actually help your body ward off diseases? Think of it this way- just as your martial arts classes arm you with the necessary skills to defend yourself, the right food can help strengthen your body’s

7 tips to stay trim on holidays

Who doesn’t love going on vacation? Getting away from work and spending more time with family and friends is such a wonderful mind rejuvenator. But if you’re one of those people who find that going on a holiday doesn’t do much good to your

Health Supplements – Do you need them?

How do you begin your day? Is it with a cup of coffee in one hand and a handful of health supplements in the other? If you swear by these colourful little pills that come in various shapes and sizes, you’re not alone.  Whether health

Whats the truth about weight loss pills?

We’ve all looked at our reflection in the mirror sometime or the other and wished we could change a few things here and there. Although staying fit and healthy should be an important concern for all of us. So what have you tried? Magic powders

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