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Psychological benefits of martial arts training

Psychological benefits of martial arts training

You’ve heard it said before that exercise does wonders for the health and mind as well. Besides giving your heart a good workout, working out regularly keeps energy levels at a high and keeps you young from within. Although the many benefits

7 tips to stay trim on holidays

Who doesn’t love going on vacation? Getting away from work and spending more time with family and friends is such a wonderful mind rejuvenator. But if you’re one of those people who find that going on a holiday doesn’t do much good to your

How to party without piling on the kilos

Who doesn’t love a good party? Getting together with friends on a weekend or just to celebrate a special occasion promises plenty of fun. While enjoying good company is a proven stress buster and even helps to enhance the production of feel

How to boost your metabolism

If there is one word that is often thrown around when talking about weight-loss or getting fitter, it is ‘Metabolism’. But what is metabolism and why should you think about boosting it up in order to feel fitter? Metabolism simply refers to

The Bruce Lee Diet – Eat right for martial arts training

When we talk about legends in martial arts, one name stands apart from the rest. Bruce Lee was not just an actor who made martial arts popular, he was a dedicated student of martial arts as well. If you look at his pictures, you’ll notice that

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