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The Benefits of Organic Food

How does organic food benefit your body and does organic farming really have an edge over other conventional methods of farming? This is a much debated topic which has changed the way we think about food. It is a known fact that harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers feature prominently in conventional methods of farming. Not surprisingly, when we eat such contaminated food, these harmful residues remain in the body and can eventually damage vital organs like the liver and kidneys. So what kind of benefits can you get from switching over to organic food?

One of the first arguments in favour of organic food is that they are grown without the use of toxic chemicals. Not only do organic vegetables and fruits look healthier, but frequent quality checks are also carried out periodically. There is no place for preservatives, flavourings, artificial colours and other additives in organic farming- so what you get is quality produce chockfull of nutrients, the way nature intended. Besides, organic farming is also environment friendly unlike other traditional farming methods. Studies have shown that organic food has more antioxidants than conventionally grown produce and may also help in preventing cancer. This is mainly attributed to the high content of ascorbic acid, beta carotene and Vitamin B which is found in produce that has been raised organically.

Another school of thought believes that although non-organic food offers the same nutrients as organic food; there are some food groups which have proven otherwise. Organically raised animals are reared in better living conditions and are given nutritious food which directly impacts the quality of meat and other animal products. For instance, organic milk has been proven to contain a higher level of antioxidants, omega 3 acids and vitamins in comparison to non organic milk. It is believed that the manner in which organic cows are pasture grazed may be the prime reason behind the superior quality of organic milk. Organic tomatoes when grown in chemical fertilizer free soil have a higher concentration of antioxidants such as Quercetin and Kaempferol which are natural health boosters. Similarly, organic potatoes have more polyphenols and organic apples have more flavanols as compared to conventionally grown produce.

Organic food may be much more expensive than other easily available produce, but if studies are to be believed; then the conventionally grown food that most of us consume affects our health negatively in a huge way. Researchers in Israel found that symptoms like nausea, depression, anxiety and poor memory had strong links with high pesticide content in diets whereas researchers in Hawaii found that consumption of non-organic fruit and juices raised the overall risk of Parkinson’s disease in adults. The different ways in which conventional produce harms our body and how organic food can boost our health are still being studied. But going by the existing evidence; organic food has a clear edge over all other kinds of produce!