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Top cancer fighting foods

Did you know that the food you eat can actually help your body ward off diseases? Think of it this way- just as your martial arts classes arm you with the necessary skills to defend yourself, the right food can help strengthen your body’s resistance to life-threatening illnesses.
Although, we are all aware of how getting cancer changes your life drastically, most of us don’t really make the effort to change our diets for the better. As we busy ourselves with an overflowing work schedule, we turn to the comfort of fast food and ready to eat meals that require zero or very little effort on our part at all. The truth is that Mother Nature has a whole bounty of fruits and vegetables which can improve our overall health and the quality of life itself for the better. So, which are the top cancer fighting foods?

1) Cruciferous Vegetables: They’re not just yummy but can actually help fight breast cancer as well as prostrate and colon cancer. These veggies enhance the production of enzymes which help to switch off free radicals and other toxic agents in the body. In fact, studies have proved that these enzymes can also prevent the growth of tumours. The best way to give yourself these cancer busting properties is to cut and steam them without letting them get over-cooked. Great in salads or as a side-dish!

2) Garlic:  Besides increasing the number of good cells in the body which help to fight cancer, compounds found in garlic also help to prevent the development of tumours. Studies have proven that a healthy intake of raw or cooked garlic in the diet can lower the risk of stomach and colon cancer. Garlic supplements however do not show the same promising results as the real thing but garlic itself being so versatile, there are many ways to enjoy it in a meal or salad.

3) Turmeric: Turmeric is a prominent spice which features regularly in Indian cuisine, and has been proven to be very beneficial in fighting bowel and colon cancer. Besides being traditionally used in the treatment of piles and stomach ulcers, curcumin which is found in the roots has been found to slow down the growth of cancer cells in the body. Add a dash of turmeric to any sauce or stock that you use, and you’ll enhance your overall immunity too.

4) Soy: Soy is especially beneficial for women, which is why nutritionists advise eating the recommended serving of soy on a daily basis. Soy products contain various strains of phytoestrogens which could play a big role in preventing both breast and prostate cancer by inhibiting the growth of cancerous cells. The potential of soy as the next big anti-cancer drug is being closely studied. Enjoy a glass of flavoured soy milk as a refresher after your next martial arts training session.

The trick to eating healthier is to make the required changes to your diet one step at a time. Consistency is the key here. Just like you wouldn’t miss your favourite martial arts fitness classes for anything in the world, it’s important to show the same dedication food-wise to your body. Happy eating!