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Top stress triggers

We’ve all read about how bad stress is for the human mind and body, yet many of us feel helpless when it comes to tackling stress in our own lives. Would you believe it if I told you that stress is the number one killer today? Research has proven that stress can actually lead to heart diseases, cancer, respiratory diseases, obesity and can aggravate other existing illnesses like diabetes, insomnia and hypertension. Even an increase in hair fall or a sudden breakout of acne is also attributed to a stressful life.

On the other hand, a little bit of stress is actually good for you. It helps to keep you on alert and enables you to perform better in everyday tasks. But how much stress is too much and what are the top stress triggers that are present in everyday life?

a) Workplace- Stress faced at the workplace is something most of us complain about, but still do nothing about. Employee stress factors range from exceeding expectations, performing well, getting due recognition, handling the boss to even getting along with colleagues. The prospect of losing one’s job and still having to provide for the family also heightens workplace stress.

b) Financial troubles- Some people take loans and spend lavishly using their credit cards, only to find that they are unable to pay their bills later. The recent global recession only doubled the financial troubles of some families across the world. While the job sector itself is getting more competitive all the time, almost everything else is becoming more expensive.

c) Personal Relationships- Many people find being in a relationship and giving 100% stressful too. Being a success at work while still being a great parent, child and spouse is something we’d all like to achieve easily but along with the hard work of maintaining the relationships, can come stress!

d) Life’s uncertainties- If we each had a crystal ball to show us what would happen in the future, we would be better prepared to handle life’s many storms. The unpredictable nature of everyday events alone is a major stress trigger for so many of us.

So, should we let stress get the better of us? Of course not! Here are a few ways to beat stress and keep smiling:

– Jot down your stress triggers and analyse if they’re really worth your health and thoughts. For instance, instead of scheming about how to out-do your colleague, why not show the boss that you’re a hard-working team player?

– Keep some time everyday for meditation. Research proves that people who meditate on a daily basis are better equipped to handle stress too.

– Get healthy! Don’t let weight-gain or poor health be another stress trigger for you. Join a martial arts training class and get fit by learning awesome defence skills.

– Take a break. Go on holidays with your family, or just take a few days off from work. Your mind and body could do with a change now and then!

– Be happy. Happiness is a state of mind. By waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day, you’ll radiate plenty of positive vibes that’ll keep you cheery too.