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When does working out go overboard?

Gone are the days when pumping iron or running on the treadmill at the gym was considered the best way to keep fit. Today, experts agree that any activity which employs the body as a whole, gets your heart pumping faster and leaves you feeling rejuvenated is good for both your mind and body. Although it’s important to take part in some physical activity, it’s equally important to understand the limits of your body and to adjust your routine accordingly or to take a much needed break. Contrary to popular imagination, pushing your body to give you results when it’s almost near breaking point will not only decrease your overall strength but also lead to an increase in fat storage. What are the warning signals that should never be ignored?
– Persistent muscle ache or joint pain.
– Any muscle inflammation.
– Fatigue or exhaustion that lasts through the day.
– Nagging headaches.
– Reduced immunity to flu or other illnesses.
– Decreased appetite.
– Disinterest in the workout routine.
– Inability to complete the workout itself.
If you experience any of these signs, it’s your body’s way of telling you to get some rest! After all, your body needs to recover from all that hard work too. So, what can you do to avoid burning yourself out?
– If you are taking up a new workout regime, it’s important to take it slow. Building up stamina and endurance to make your workouts even more effective, takes time.
– It’s a good thing to mix things up a bit. Why not try something lighter like going for a walk in the park? This keeps you motivated and lowers any stress on your body too.
– A good warm-up routine is frequently overlooked but is vital for a good workout. It helps to prepare your body for the real workout and reduces the risk of injuries too.
– Eat a healthy snack before your workout. Drinking a protein shake, having a light sandwich or even a banana will give you the fuel you need for a good martial arts training session. Likewise, don’t forget to have a balanced snack after your workout as well.
– Getting your 8 hours of sleep can work wonders when you’re training hard. While you sleep, your body repairs itself and gets ready for the new day ahead.
So, the next time, you feel like watching a movie or walking your dog instead of working out, it’s wiser to listen to what your body tells you.  In the end it’s all about finding the right balance best exercise, rest, and healthy eating.